Juan Martinez Vera

Juan Martinez Vera

Director | Producer | Writer

Juan grew up in a rural Mexican town and at the age of eleven moved to the U.S. with his family to pursue a college education. Soon movies became his main source of entertainment and a tool he could use to understand and connect with the American society.


In 2010, Juan graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Film, Television and Digital Media. While at UCLA, Juan directed, wrote, and produced over 35 projects that ranged from soap operas to the college’s award-winning News show.

Immediately after graduating from UCLA, Juan enrolled at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. In 2014, Juan had the honor to be one of three directors selected by the school to direct an advanced film project. On his last year at USC, Juan received the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant to write and direct the project, SPARK. This film went on to receive a US Student BAFTA Award nomination, an award for Best Student Latino Director from the Director's Guild of America, and a national distribution deal from HBO. Most recently, Juan completed the production of the feature film, SPIKED.

Juan’s goal as a filmmaker is to inspire people to use their imagination to transform their reality.

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When the murder of a migrant worker shakes a Southwest border town to its core, the feud between a newspaper owner and the chief of police leads to the blurring of the truth and a dirty fight for justice.

Credit: Writer/Director/Producer


A Skid Row social worker struggles to come to terms with her tragic past by carrying an addict up four flights of stairs.

Credit: Director


In East LA, a teenage bicycle thief straddles two worlds - that of her old fashioned grandma and that of her crooked boss. When these worlds collide, she must decide which path to take.

Bicycle and A Way of Life

Credit: Producer

Oscar, a young Venezuelan student sparks a social media movement using an innovative cell phone application to circumvent the censorship in his country.

Credit: Writer/Director